Episode 340: October 23, 2011

Chuck Miller describes himself as “America’s First Craft Distiller”. He’s been making moonshine legally at his Stillhouse Distillery in Culpepper, Virginia for 25 years, using the recipe and techniques he learned from his grandfather. Grandpa helped keep Washington wet during Prohibition and made moonshine illegally for decades, and despite frequent raids, never once got caught. Chuck shares his “shine” stories with us in this week’s episode. In the news, the distillery that’s helped many a craft distiller get started is sold, The Balvenie Road Show winds up, and a listener sings the praises of Blended Scotches.

[whisky-audio src=”http://whiskycast.com/files/WhiskyCast_20111023.mp3″]
Links:   Original Moonshine | Lawrenceburg Distillers | Lexington Brewing & Distilling Co. | The Balvenie Road Show | Glengoyne | Laphroaig | Drinkmonger

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