Winner Picked in Buffalo Trace’s Single Oak Project20150607154228
Episode 536: May 23, 201520150524000406
WhiskyCast Virtual Tastings: August 201220120818233011

WhiskyCast Virtual Tastings: August 2012

Year #2 of WhiskyCast Virtual Tastings begins with three very familiar whiskies. Our tasting panel of Doug Stewart, Tim and Donna Tedesco, and Brianna...
WhiskyCast Virtual Tastings: August 201120110826034918

WhiskyCast Virtual Tastings: August 2011

Welcome to the debut of WhiskyCast Virtual Tastings. Each month, our volunteer tasting panel will sample three whiskies from around the world and offe...
Episode 299: January 22, 201120110122185954

Episode 299: January 22, 2011

This is the first live webcast of WhiskyCast, on location at the Victoria Whisky Festival in British Columbia. Our tasting panel and nosers from the a...
Episode 154: July 20, 200820080720115400
Episode 88: April 22, 200720070422224500
Episode 80: February 25, 200720070225171600

Episode 80: February 25, 2007

Wonder just how differently casks from the same distillery, produced and stored under identical conditions, can turn out after years of maturation? We...