Episode 570: January 9, 201620160110012932

Episode 570: January 9, 2016

America has a love-hate relationship with alcohol, and it’s fair to say that drinking has changed the course of American history – for bet...
Thief Steals $100K of Whisky from Montreal SAQ Store20150117164145

Thief Steals $100K of Whisky from Montreal SAQ Store

January 17, 2015 – Police are looking for the robber who held up the provincial SAQ liquor monopoly’s flagship Signature store in downtown...
WhiskyCast Virtual Tastings, December 201220121231150221

WhiskyCast Virtual Tastings, December 2012

With the holiday season at hand, this month’s “Friends & Family” tasting panel of Mike McElligott, Jim Ely, and Jason Herceg tas...
Episode 266: June 20, 201020100619224600
Episode 251: May 3, 201020100503174300
Episode 197: April 26, 200920090426082100
Episode 158: August 17, 200820080817102900

Episode 158: August 17, 2008

A double feature with two (actually, three) great whiskies to talk about this week! Glenlivet’s breaking the age barrier with its first 25-year-...
Episode 155: July 27, 200820080727120600