Episode 593: June 12, 201620160612173612

Episode 593: June 12, 2016

Many factors go into the decision to give a whisky brand a shakeup, and we’ll look at the factors behind two major facelifts announced in the la...
Episode 154: July 20, 200820080720115400
Episode 54: August 22, 200620060820212900

Episode 54: August 22, 2006

More from the WhiskyCast Book Club in this episode…Misako Udo’s passion for whisky has landed her a publishing deal for “The Scottis...
Episode 21: February 14, 200620060214100200

Episode 21: February 14, 2006

Whisky inspires passion, and we’ll get the proof on this episode of WhiskyCast. Why else would a man release a special single malt to honor his ...