Dale DeGroff’s Harvest Moon Egg Nog20151203165307

Dale DeGroff’s Harvest Moon Egg Nog

December 3, 2015 – While most of the recipes in the Cocktail Collection come from whisky companies, this one comes courtesy of Italian coffee ro...
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Ultimate Spirits Challenge Announces Winners20130322111805
Episode 230: December 12, 200920091212231900
Episode 161: September 6, 200820080906170500
Dale DeGroff’s Sazerac Recipe20080830175328

Dale DeGroff’s Sazerac Recipe

August 30, 2008 – In Episode 160 of WhiskyCast, “King of the Cocktail” Dale DeGroff gave us his recipe for the classic Sazerac: Star...
Episode 160: August 30, 200820080830130900