Sweden’s Box Distillery to Become High Coast Distillery20180407141025

Sweden’s Box Distillery to Become High Coast Distillery

April 7, 2018 – Four years after releasing its first single malt Swedish whiskies, Box Distillery will be changing its name to High Coast Distil...
Single Malt Whisky Swedish Style20141211005804

Single Malt Whisky Swedish Style

Swedes have a passion for whisky, and that’s led some Swedish whisky lovers to open their own distilleries and make single malt whisky with a Sc...
Episode 510: December 8, 201420141208015758

Episode 510: December 8, 2014

As we reported on our last episode, Balcones Distilling founder Chip Tate has accepted a buyout agreement from the majority owners of the Waco, Texas ...
Episode 509: December 6, 201420141207010959
Episode 508: November 29, 201420141130005910
Episode 505: November 8, 201420141109013129

Episode 505: November 8, 2014

This episode marks the end of our 9th year, and we’ll hear from two of the more outspoken voices in the whisky world on this week’s Whisky...