Episode 484: June 20, 201420140620225502
Crown Royal Releasing 75th Anniversary Edition20140613105403

Crown Royal Releasing 75th Anniversary Edition

June 12, 2014 – 2014 marks the 75th anniversary for Diageo’s Crown Royal Canadian Whisky, and master blender Andrew Mackay has created a s...
Crown Royal Adding XO Cognac-Finished Whisky20140116201331

Crown Royal Adding XO Cognac-Finished Whisky

Mark GillespieJanuary 16, 2014, , , , , , 1 comment
January 16, 2014 – Crown Royal will release a new addition to its range later this month with the debut of Crown Royal XO, a blended Canadian wh...
Episode 375: June 24, 201220120624100957

Episode 375: June 24, 2012

Crown Royal master blender Andrew Mackay didn’t have to look far when it came time to create a successor to the original Crown Royal XR, which u...
Episode 90: May 6, 200720070505231200

Episode 90: May 6, 2007

Distillers get all the glory, but there’s more to making great whisky than just running the still. The whisky industry’s unsung heroes are...
Episode 62: October 14, 200620061014222100

Episode 62: October 14, 2006

WhiskyCast hits the road again…this time around, to Toronto for the first Whisky Live Toronto festival! We’ll hear from William Grant and ...