Wyoming Whiskey Eclipse Edition

Country: USA
Region: Wyoming
Type: Bourbon
Bottler: Distiller
ABV: 44%
Score: 91 points

Wyoming Whiskey Bourbon. Image courtesy Wyoming Whiskey.This whiskey is a special batch bottled to celebrate the total solar eclipse of August 21, 2017 that will pass over North America from coast to coast, including the entire state of Wyoming. Head distiller Sam Mead selected the barrels for blending in this batch, which can be distinguished from standard bottlings only by the word “eclipse” and the August 21 date on the rear label.

The nose is aromatic with notes of caramel, fudge, soft spices, a hint of oak, toasted bread, and a nice chocolate touch that opens up after a few minutes in the glass. The taste has notes of linseed oil, good spicy touches of white pepper and allspice, caramel, vanilla, chocolate, and a hint of fudge in the background. The finish is medium-length with lingering chocolate, caramel, and linseed oil notes. Very nice! (July, 2017)

Mark Gillespie

I'm the host and executive producer of WhiskyCast.

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