The Fat Trout

Country: Scotland
Type: Blended Scotch
Bottler: Cork Wine & Spirits
ABV: 40%
Score: 84 points

The Fat Trout Blended Scotch Whisky. Photo ©2014 by Mark Gillespie. This blended Scotch was originally blended for the Norwegian market, and is now being exported to the US and other markets. It’s produced by the blending team at Ian Macleod Distillers for Cork Wine & Spirits, and is listed at three years of age.

The nose is fruity and floral with hints of orange peel, dried flowers, honey, and a touch of pine sap. The taste is young and spicy with black pepper, mild cinnamon, hints of dried apples and apricots, and a touch of honey to hold it all together. The finish is short and dry with a touch of dried apples and honey. Not bad for a three-year-old blend. (June, 2014)


Mark Gillespie

I'm the host and executive producer of WhiskyCast.

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