Jameson 18 Bow Street

Country: Ireland
Type: Irish Whiskey
Bottler: Irish Distillers
ABV: 55.3%
Score: 94 points

Jameson Bow Street 18. Image courtesy Jameson/Irish Distillers. This is the first cask-strength Jameson release other than a distillery-exclusive “fill your own bottle” version of Black Bottle, and what makes it even more unique is that the casks spend their final year of maturation in the mini-warehouse located inside the Jameson Distillery Bow Street in Dublin. The nose is aromatic and intense – think of it as Jameson on steroids – with notes of ginger, honey, vanilla, white pepper, and mild spices. The taste starts off with butterscotch and honey notes, then the spices kick in with clove, white pepper, allspice, and ginger. Subtle vanilla, charred oak, and dark fruits fill in the background nicely. The finish is long and dry with lingering spices. This is an annual-release limited-edition whiskey that will redefine the way you think of Jameson! (April, 2018)

Mark Gillespie

I'm the host and executive producer of WhiskyCast.

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