Elijah Craig Barrel Proof

Country: USA
Region: Kentucky
Type: Bourbon
Bottler: Distiller
ABV: 64.15%
Score: 94 points

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof BourbonThis cask-strength, unfiltered Bourbon is now in widespread release after being available only at Heaven Hill’s Bourbon Heritage Center (where this sample came from). While the ABV will vary from batch to batch, the impact on one’s nose and palate should be consistent. The nose has honey and pepper notes with touches of oak, campfire smoke, and dark chocolate. The taste is mouth-filling, peppery, and powerful with chili powder and cinnamon balanced by honey, caramel, and cocoa notes. The finish is chewy and long with good spices that fade slowly and a slight dryness. Excellent! (March, 2013)

Mark Gillespie

I'm the host and executive producer of WhiskyCast.

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  • JoeFerraraJuly 4, 2015 at 10:29 pm

    The standard EC12 is one of my favorite bourbons, i bought several bottles to make sure it didn’t disappear from the shelves. The mistake I made with the barrel proof is only picking up one when it showed up at my local shop. It was everything I liked about the 12year old but amped up. I went back two days later and the shelf was empty! The other 8 bottles were gone! Lesson learned.

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