Breakout Rye

Country: USA
Type: Rye
Bottler: Capital Brands/The Tennessee Spirits Company
ABV: 43%
Score: 78 points

Breakout Rye Whiskey. Image courtesy Capital Brands. As with its cousin, Jailer’s Tennessee Whiskey, this Rye comes from an undisclosed distillery. The nose is aromatic and spicy with toasted rye bread, cinnamon, honey, and vanilla notes for a clean and simple aroma. The taste is thin at first, but explodes with cinnamon and rye notes, honey, vanilla, and a touch of nutmeg. The finish is very long, but one-dimensional with a cinnamon note that overpowers everything else.  (August, 2013)

Mark Gillespie

I'm the host and executive producer of WhiskyCast.

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