An Evening for HIAS With the Pittsburgh Whiskey Friends20181130212234
The Name’s Bond…Bottled in Bond20181027155839

The Name’s Bond…Bottled in Bond

We’re tasting Bottled in Bond Bourbons this time around with members of the Monmouth Whisky Club in New Jersey. Rich Romano, Michael Timpanero, ...
Podcasters Tasting Whiskies? Rye Not!20180728202137

Podcasters Tasting Whiskies? Rye Not!

We’ve assembled a panel of podcasters and a longtime WhiskyCast listener for this Tasting Panel session recorded on location at the Podcast Move...
A Blind Whisky Tasting Leads to Surprises20180326143221
Four Whiskies, Four Countries20180127154111
Three Wise Men Tasting Whiskies for the Holidays20171223215810
Tasting Single Malts in New Brunswick20171121154119
A is for Australia, B is for Bourbon…20171017213840

A is for Australia, B is for Bourbon…

No, we’re not tasting Australian Bourbons…we have Australians tasting Bourbons this time around! Lilith Morgan and Chris Tatzenko make the...
Whisky Tasting at Houston’s Reserve 10120170908120428
WhiskyCast Virtual Tastings: April 201520150420114150

WhiskyCast Virtual Tastings: April 2015

We’re back after a winter hiatus, and diving right into the controversy over “no-age-statement” whiskies. Our tasting panel takes on...