45 Is Old…For a Bourbon! (Episode 709: June 24, 2018)

If you’re young, you might think 45 is old. If you’re older, you might think 45 is still pretty young. But when you’re talking about tasting a 45-year-old Bourbon, not only is that old, but it’s the oldest Bourbon ever bottled! We’ll head to Julio’s Liquors in Massachusetts for the rare chance to taste the James Thompson & Brother Final Reserve 45-year-old Bourbon, along with its 42-year-old kid brother and three vintage Kentucky whiskies from the 50’s and 60’s. In the news, we’ll have the latest on Friday’s partial collapse of a whiskey warehouse at Kentucky’s Barton 1792 Distillery that left 9,000 barrels of whisky in a huge pile of timber and tin. On Behind the Label, we’ll also explain why those warehouses are called “rickhouses” in Kentucky and why the “ricks” are built out of wood.

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